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The Early Days

You could say that the songs of music hall were the first real pop songs, written by professionals and widely performed for audiences. That dates back to the Victorian era, when a performer needed a catchy, identifiable song. Expanded to popular. Popular music began in the US in the 1930s with a lively new music called swing. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sang with big swing bands and later became solo stars. During the 1950s, rock and roll—a louder and more exciting type of pop music—emerged with songs about youthful rebellion and teenage love.

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The Last Of Us

With only two installments of this franchise, The Last Of Us is still one of the biggest horror/survival games of all time and an incredible creation by Naughty dog. The story is based around a zombie apocalypse in 2013, affecting millions of people and corrupting societies. With our main characters - a smuggler named Joel and his mission is to escort a teenager, the other protagonist Ellie. Naughty Dog used this game as a way to contrast from its other successors, rather than taking an action adventure with all guns ablazing. The Last Of Us two prides itself in stunning graphics, incredible diegetic and ambient sound, and terrorizing lighting and environments. When playing, users must be aware of scarce ammo and resources, and also dangerous zombies with abilities to be as quiet as a mouse. Tension increases greatly as the story continues with twists and turns in plot that none of the audience would’ve ever deciphered. A highly recommended horror game where players must follow one rule - survive.

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The first Uncharted was created in 2007, following the popular demand and release of other action game Tomb Raider, Naughty dog used Uncharted as a way to join the cluster of this genre. Uncharted focuses on the story of Nathan Drake - a lone adventurer in search of various treasures, but throughout his tribulations he faces armies and psychopathic villains in search of him. He is joined by Victor Sullivan (or Sully) as an uncle figure, Sam, his long lost brother we find in Uncharted 4, Elena Fisher, a reporter and love interest, Chloe Fraser, a dangerous adventurer and in Uncharted 3, and Cutter, a british comedian. This group adventures through 4 games and the life of a thief. This game is matched by incredible daring events, tough shootouts, and difficult boss scenes. Naughty dog included lore behind the treasures, through collectibles we see the real grief old pirates and victorian heroes faced chasing them. This game focuses on the importance of being with another and the life of Nathan always keeps people occupied, and it really fits the feel of an adventure with the treasures players can optionally collect through games.

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Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter was originally created by Sony Interactive Entertainment but was taken over and developed by Jak and Daxter. With a number of installments to its name, and most recent - The Jak And Daxter Bundle for ps4 and ps4 pro, this allowed users to play the game with amazing graphics and speed. It’s a 3-D platformer with an open-world system which encourages the user to play through the worlds. Vehicles, ridable animals and planes look beautiful with these lovable main characters. Jak, a 19 year old explorer and Daxter, a comical weasel. Occasionally, these characters will be joined by friends, like Keira and Pecker. The saga follows them as they face a devastating adventure to find a cure for Daxter, which leads them down paths they never thought they would reach

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